In Memorium . . .

Denise Sullivan was an amazing woman who was taken away from us much too soon.  She was a fierce fighter but cancer finally won the battle.  During her life she blessed all those she came in contact with.  Denise was also fortunate to be married to a Marine.  Denise and her boys were made to feel safe because of her husband's Marine Corps training and combat experience.  His love for her and his sons created a home which was safe and stress free.  'Nise's Knights was created in honor of her memory.  Rest in peace Denise, we love you and will keep your boys safe.

   'Nise's Knights is a program designed to bring people who do not feel safe in their own homes or while traveling by auto or on foot in contact with military combat veterans who want to help. 

   Military combat veterans are wired different.  Their military training and combat experience has made them hyper vigilant and more aware of potential hazards and dangers which face us all on a daily basis.  These veterans have also been trained how to deal with them effectively. 

   This program is free and simple to use.  If you do not feel safe contact us.  We will do what we can to make you feel safe.  We will inspect your home and give suggestions to make your home safer.  We will consult with you and give suggestions on how to drive, commute and park your vehicle.  We will consult with you and give suggestions on how to walk in public and what to do if you don't feel safe.  

   'Nise's Knights is also working in collaboration with other veteran groups who have pledged to help our friends as best they can.  Again, this service is free.  Contact us today. 

Denise Sullivan  

August 19, 1968 - July 17, 2017