Founder:  Buddy Hackett, CVDC
I am Bob "Buddy" Hackett, Founder of Valhalla Associates, LLC.  I am a Certified Veteran Development Coach and dedicated Veteran's advocate.  I am taking my years of successful business experience, my Marine Corps Infantry and combat experience, my Norwich University education and Corps of Cadets experience, as well as my many years of truly unique life experiences and using them to help our Military Veterans and their families successfully transition from the military to civilian life through our Certified Veteran Development Coaching, Professional and Social Networking, and Sales Training.  Let us help you take those first steps towards success!
We support our Veterans and their families along the road to success.
​​Born in a small town in Massachusetts, Buddy and his three siblings grew up in a modest home with strong family values.  Here he learned the meaning of hard work, honesty and service to his fellow man.  Buddy's academic prowess and leadership skills helped him be successful at St. John's Preparatory School, Norwich University-The Military College of Vermont, as well as in the Marine Corps.  Being a Marine Corps Infantry Combat Veteran came with it's own set of challenges when transitioning back into the civilian world.  Buddy struggled through it and developed his own set of coping skills, support network, and processes along the way.  Buddy is a successful businessman who has always exceeded his goals and quotas in his 25 plus year sales career, receiving many awards and shattering many records along the way. 
Today, Buddy wants to serve as your voice to the civilian world. A voice that echoes your concerns. A voice that matters. A voice that cares.

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Valhalla Associates, LLC

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