The Veterans' Collaborative is a nonprofit friend of Valhalla Associates, LLC.  Their mission is to assist Veterans and their families successfully transition from the military to civilian life through services and programs which help out individual Veterans or  the whole family unit.
Your donation of time, money, and/or services to the Veterans' Collaborative is paramount to helping their programs help our Veterans.  There are many programs out there which are set up to help Veterans.  Unfortunately many of them are overburdened and underfunded and many of our Veterans slip through the cracks and miss out on services and programs which could help them and their families.  Many of our Veterans also might not be aware of the services and programs which they are entitled to and which are available to them and their families.  There is also a section of the Veteran population which struggles with communicating their needs or travelling or even leaving their homes.  The Veterans' Collaborative reaches out to them and assists them in getting services and getting involved in helpful programs.  Support The Veterans' Collaborative - a dedicated 501(c)3 nonprofit where 100% of the proceeds go back to the Veterans and their families.


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